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Sons of Anarchy – Is Kurt Sutter Available for Conflict Resolution!!

I have made no secret about the fact that I believe that “Sons of Anarchy” is the best show on television right now and has been for a few years now. I feel comfortable saying that this past week’s episode,”Hands” was one of the best to date. When this episode was over all I wanted was more. I was so ecstatic when I realized that there are still three more episodes left in this fourth season. I was even more thrilled to read on Deadline Hollywood that FX has decided to add a 14th episode, at Kurt Sutter’s urging, to this season in order to properly finish off the story arc. This is not a huge surprise as SOA is basic cable’s #1 rated drama series, and this season is the highest rated in the shows 4 seasons run.

Once again Katey Sagal was captivating as the SAMCRO matriarch and head “Old Lady”. This week Ms. Sagal’s ability to captivate while on screen was tested as Maggie Siff gave a powerful performance. Ms. Siff has always been strong as Dr. Tara Knowles, but this was her best SOA work to date. You could see the utter hopelessness that Dr. Knowles felt as she realized that she was so close to getting out of this life, so close to escaping, but once again her chance was pulled out from under her. She knows the outlaw biker lifestyle is not healthy, not safe, not something that will have a positive outcome, but she cannot seem to escape it, not without having to leave behind the thing she covets the most, Jax Teller. Dr. Knowles has sacrificed so much in an attempt to make a life with Jax and her boys away from SAMCRO, but for the first time you felt she knew this was not going to happen. She was defeated, beaten by this life that has taken so much from her. The one thing that Tara has always been able to fall back on is that she is a doctor and a good one. This has always been her security blanket, it has always given her the ability, in her mind, to relocate anywhere, to get away from the “club” and still be OK. Now she faces the ugly truth that her days as a surgeon, as a doctor, are most likely over, you could see the breakdown, the culmination of years of hope slipping away, as all of a sudden it hit her that she is now stuck in Charming, stuck in this life, stuck with these people forever. You could see the despair come over her as she realized she is now even closer to becoming the one thing that terrifies her the most – Gemma!

As my DVR began to replay this piece of television gold, I began to think about SOA as a whole, the full journey, and I could not help but wonder where this all would end, what does Kurt Sutter have in store for us. I need to know his vision, what he sees as the outcome for not only this season but for the series as a whole. I need to know the outcome for each character, the path they take to that outcome. I cannot wait, I cannot put in the time it will take to watch every episode, that will take way too long. I have to know now! This is my problem, there is my conflict! I cannot imagine this show coming to an end, I want more!!! I savor each and every episode and never want them to end. As soon as I see the closing credits I immediately look forward to the next week. I love to speculate what will happen on the next episode and enjoy it so much more when something happens that I never imagined, which is usually the case.

How can this be? How can I need so badly to know what happens but at the same time not want to know so I can enjoy the journey each and every week? How can this type of conflict exist? That is a testament to Kurt Sutter’s vision, his writing. SOA is a rare television experience. It encapsulates you, is sucks you in, it makes you yearn for those elusive answers, it makes you need those answers but at the same time it makes getting those answer at the storytellers pace so enjoyable that you never want it to end. SOA keeps you coming back again and again, for more and more!!

Bravo Mr. Sutter, my hats off to you. If you are reading this please give me a call and let me know how this all ends! On second thought forget that I am enjoying the current journey way too much!!!

No wait… please let me know the ultimate end here, I cannot possibly wait, please share your vision with me!!!

Scratch that, I will get it every week like everyone else!!

10 Best Shows on TV Right Now

1 ) Son of Anarchy – The boys of Samcro have been holding this spot for a few seasons now. They never fail to deliver. Kurt Sutter’s writing is second to none and Katey Sagal dominates every scene she is in.
2 ) NCIS – Superb cast. Perfect mix of levity with a serious subject matter just keeps you coming back week after week. I could watch Mark Harmon in anything and always love those West Wing alums.
3 ) Nikkita – Maggie Q is great in the title role, beautiful and deadly what a combo. Hated Shane West in ER but love him here. So easy to dislike Percy and Division and that makes it so easy to get behind Nikkita and Michael, and that makes this show alot of fun.
4 ) House – I cannot wait to see what House is up to each week. Foreman as his boss is brilliant writing. Cast members come and go but House still remains as ass. I have loved this show from the beginning and will until the end.
5 ) The Big Bang Theory – Really funny show. Jim Parsons is brilliant as the uber annoying Sheldon Cooper, he never fails to get on my nerves and make me laugh at the same time. Love Blossom as his love interest.
6 ) Homeland – What a surprise. I only gave it a chance because of how much I liked Damian Lewis in Life and I love Mandy Patinkin in anything. Both are great here, but Claire Danes steals the show. I still cannot figure out where this story is headed. The minute I finish watching I cannot wait for the next episode.
7 ) Revenge – Great idea translates into a great story. Can’t wait to see how Emily sticks it to the filthy rich each week. Love the flash backs (ala Damages) to fill in just enough of the back story to make you want more.
8 ) Person of Interest – Jim Caviezel is great as the cold, stone hearted, human weapon, but Finch is without a doubt the “Person of Interest” here. He is as strange as he is quirky, but regardless I find myself wanting him on the screen more and more.
9 ) Prime Suspect – I cannot understand why this show cannot seem to find an audience. Maria Bello is as good as anyone on TV here. This is a great show I just hope it stays around for a while.
10 ) Psych – What not to love. Dule Hill (West Wing once again) and James Roday entertain every second they are on the screen. Timothy Omendson’s Lassiter is the perfect straight man for Shawn and Gus, the cast chemistry is top notch.

Just Missed the Cut – Boardwalk Empire, Modern Family and The League


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