Poll at ew.com

I realize that most of my recent posts have been focused on scary stuff.  While a small part of this may be a predilection that I fully admit to, I blame the rest of it on the season.  Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to move on.  But before we leave this dark road completely, there’s just one more stop to make . . .

A recent poll at www.ew.com voted The Twilight Zone the third creepiest TV show ever.  It came in with a solid 18% of a close vote, behind American Horror Story (22%) and The X-Files (20%).

I saw this and couldn’t help grinning – irrationally, I realize – like a proud uncle.  Or, considering the show turned fifty recently, more like a wide-eyed younger cousin.

Though the show was (is) about far more than trying to give people the shivers (for that, see Night Gallery), I’m just happy to see it still in the public consciousness.  And, in defense of its poll ranking, it does have some episodes I’d rather watch with the lights on.

Just thought I’d say.

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