Where have you gone Bud Bundy?

I was watching the best show on television last night, “Sons of Anarchy”, and there was Katey Sagal lighting up the screen, completely carrying each and every scene in which she appeared and all of a sudden it popped into my head, that this actress, the 2010 Golden Globe winner for best performance by an actress in a television drama for her work on Sons of Anarchy, played Peg Bundy on Married with Children for eleven seasons. I don’t know why I never thought about this before. Perhaps the depth and conviction that exude from Ms. Sagal as she portrays the matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy biker gang made it very hard for me to see her as the ditzy, self centered Peg Bundy. I think this is a testament to Ms Sagal’s acting talent.

As I thought about Peg Bundy the rest of the Bundy clan popped into my head, I quickly remembered that Ed O’Neill, who played the down on his luck shoe salesman Al Bundy, is currently on the hit show Modern Family. The Bundy parents seem to be doing very well but what of the Bundy offspring, Kelly and Bud.Christina Applegate who played the self centered, slutty Kelly Bundy is currently on Up All Night, a new critically acclaimed sitcom with Will Arnett. That just leaves David Faustino who played the loveable, never give up, get rich quick, schemer Bud Bundy. Nothing current came to mind for David Faustino, so I checked the entertainment bible; IMDB, to see what he has been up to lately, perhaps there was something I missed. What I saw was somewhat disappointing, especially when you take into consideration the recent success of the rest of the Bundy family. There have been a few cameos on various shows; some voice work on cartoons, a failed attempt to become a rapper and that was just about it. My first thought was that portraying Bud Bundy for so long and so well might be too much of a stereotype for an actor to overcome. Maybe the parts are not coming his way because he cannot shed the “Bundy” image. Then I thought how can that be? The other three actors in the Bundy family have broken that same stereotypical mold and branched out to other projects, so why not Bud? Could it be a choice by Mr. Faustino, maybe his days as a child actor combined with his tenure on Married with Children have soured Mr. Faustino on this profession, maybe he has had enough? I would love to have the answer to this question but I guess we will never know for sure. Married with Children lives on through Al, Peggy and Kelly but why not Bud?
I have to ask

Where have you gone Bud Bundy

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